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You am...I be!

You am...I be! My little girl Madison is quite an articulate communicator. There are times I think she is older than 3, but soon actions and behavior take care of that over sight. It is amazing, though, to hear her use of language. Lately, I've noticed she has created a Madisonism. She learned this from me. You know, when you need a word, but there just isn't one created, so you create your own. Her word is amn't. Now, at first, we were taken back. If you say it fast it could put you on the chair in the naughty...

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Oh What a Miracle!!!

Oh What a Miracle!!! In a previous article, I mentioned about a storm that happened last August 2007. The storm happened while we were on vacation. The storm traveled Southeast and hit our home farm where the country market is located and traveled directly over our home in Kouts. My brother lost the roof of his pole barn and we lost our barn completely. Trees were obliterated and the siding and windows on the house severely damaged. It was a mess when we got home. I I mentioned in the other article how, if we let it, one could begin...

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Trust For years I have always wrote "Proverbs 3:5-6" in wedding, graduation and birthday cards. It has actually become somewhat of a habit, but what I hope is why I write it and what it means never does.   Lately with all the turmoil in politics and the financial world and I guess everything else I have noticed something greatly missing from our society. Everyone has lost something or afraid of losing something else. As things in our lives are becoming more and more uncertain and unstable, we tend to find ourselves more and more troubled, worrying and fretting about...

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A Table and Shelves

A Table and Shelves A couple years ago, I finished a task that I started at least a decade earlier. I finished writing a book. It is not like a novel or anything. It is more a devotional/testimonial/tutorial book filled with Life Lessons that God has taught me. It is called, Life: A glimpse from God. It is basically filled with tools that God has showed me to help cope with life and its ups and downs. I will not bore you with the full chapter, but one of those lessons is called a Table and Shelves. God has wired...

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Refocused Thanksgiving

Refocused Thanksgiving! Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving!I don't know about you, but it is hard not to be distracted and somewhat overwhelmed by the things going on around us sometimes. It is at those times that I need to take a huge step backward and refocus on some simple truths. It amazes me how much our society uses fear to handicap us and rob us of our joy. Rather than fretting and getting all worked up, I need to refocus and remember that I have been given a relationship with the one in control of it all and nothing can take...

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