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Black Dirt

April 2014 Greetings From Chris     " Black Dirt "  Greetings, It has been a very long winter. I am so grateful that we were kept safe through all the storms. We are enjoying the little glimpses of spring that we are starting to see. The grass is starting to look green and the sun is definitely getting warmer. Another sign of spring is an unbelievable phenomenon that takes place every year. We live out in the middle of a field. We have a gravel driveway that is ¼ mile long. Every year I probably spread on this driveway at least...

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All in the same Field

November 6, 2015 Greetings,      It has been a fantastic fall for harvest.  The weather was outstanding.  The crops were dry and we all stayed safe.  It was a well welcomed close to a very unique year.      This was a year of lots of peculiarity.  One farm that I farm experienced everything possible.  It has a section of low ground that usually always produces consistently, but this year drowned out.  It has very high, sandy soil on the rest of the farm and it looked spectacular at the end of June with all the water we had, but...

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All for One!

February 6, 2016 All For ONE! Greetings,      I have had the opportunity to walk with a group of people over the last 16 months filling in as preacher/teacher.  I have so enjoyed the last few years of my life as I have had the opportunity to spend time with lots of different groups of people all over our region.      I was reminded this week by an acquaintance of mine how important it is to stand together and remember we're on the same team.  His words directed me to Jesus' prayer for us in John 17.  His...

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