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     I could see him.  He wasn't that far from me.  He was frantic.  His face gripped with fear.  He was pleading for help.  I could hear him saying 'Please! Please!  Help me!  Can somebody please save me?'      I couldn't.  I wasn't able to move.  I did not have the ability to save him!  He was chin deep in water.  His water of hope was filled with financial & job security.  It was filled with his health, his hobbies and his treasures.  It was also full of his sports teams and his political affiliation.  I saw ideologies...

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Stretched!      Everyone wants life to be good.  A majority of our conversation with God is please protect, please heal, please bless, please provide, etc...  We all desire utopia.  Many times, we think that that is what God planned when he sent Jesus.  It took many years for me to grasp the fact that it is actually the tough stuff that God wants to make himself real and alive to us.  It is in the difficulties of life that we need him.  It is in the hard times that we find ourselves unable to 'do it on our own'...

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I Smell therefore I Farm

I smell therefore I farm...      We love to watch the claymation show called Shaun the Sheep.  Our favorite episode is the Smelly Farmer.  I don't think I laughed so hard in my life.  Now if you asked my children and my wife they would definitely tell you that I have times, lots of them actually, that they do not want to be around me...or at least down wind and within smelling distance too.  But that is not what I mean.  There are 3 times a year that I cannot get enough of that smell.  Right now is one...

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Don't take it for granted!

Don't take it for granted! Last August while we were on vacation we received a phone call from home saying there was a bad storm the night before and that we should come home. A little damage was done to our home, our trees and unfortunately our big barn blew down. What a mess! Yesterday I was still doing some cleaning from that disaster nine months ago! It has really been a huge inconvenience!   Nothing like self-absorbed thinking to make you feel sorry for yourself!Nothing like seeing and hearing of tornadoes, cyclones, huge earthquakes and thousands of people that...

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Who is excluded?

Who is excluded? I am commanded to... Love god, Love one another, love my neighbor, and to love my enemies...       Who does that exclude?

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