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About Us

Thank you for visiting Birky Family Farms.  We have always been a family farm.
Established by our Grandpa and Grandma Jake and Emma Birky in 1919, farming has truly been a Birky family calling for generations.

Throughout the years, a number of great values and traditions have been passed down, including one of our highest priorities, the way we take care of God’s creations.  Whether it be the soil we till or the livestock we raise, Birky Family Farms remains conscientious and respectful.

Birky Family Farms has changed over the years, though. First, there is much more land to cover; we don't raise chickens for eggs or have cows for milk; Grandpa farmed with horses and I've never even rode one!  We still raise pigs, but just quite a few more.  Like Grandpa, we still grow corn and soybeans and wheat, but we don't plow and turn over the soil anymore.  Conservation of top soil, fuel and labor are essential to our grain operation.  We don't feed our pigs any antibiotics, paylean, steroids, hormones or even any animal by-products.  We believe that change is sometimes necessary and inevitable, and we know that many choices and considerations must go into change.  Birky Family Farms' choice is to bless and refresh people as God has blessed and refreshed us.

Even though there have been many changes, one word will always remain true for Birky Family Farms...DEPENDENCE!  No, not independence, but DEPENDENCE!  Birky Family Farms depends upon our creator who provides the land and the sun and the rain...everything.  We depend on Him to allow the sows to breed and have a nice healthy litter of pigs.  He keeps our crops, pigs, cattle, goats,  sheep safe.  We also depend upon each other.  Family, friends and church members' support are a huge part to our existence and sustainability.  We depend upon our landlords who put their trust in us to care for their precious gift.  We depend upon all the people at the elevators, equipment repair shops, the bank, the butcher shops, etc.

As our farm has evolved and God has directed our path, we find ourselves depending on something critical and important to our existence--YOU!  As we pledge to provide you and your family healthy, safe, high quality products that taste great, we hope and pray that it not only be a blessing, but that it would be received as our THANK YOU for trusting us with feeding your family!

However, it is more than is our belief that we are all one big family.  Hopefully we can be your 'kin' that lives down on the farm.  This is God's farm, and we are just the temporary tenants.  Come and enjoy it with us!

Everyday is a new adventure at Birky Family Farms.  Believe me...anything can happen.  Very seldom are two days a like!  We never know what lies ahead.  One thing we do know for sure...we must CHERISH RELATIONSHIPS!  It is called Birky FAMILY Farms for a reason.  We are family.  We are all family.  Blessings to you, cuz!

Chris Birky and the Birky Clan!

Birky Family Farms Country Gourmet, LLC