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Simple "Thanks" Changes the World

Every day I am seeing more and more signs of Spring!

Thunderstorms, the sun is warmer, the days are longer, cardinals, geese heading North...I love it.

I suppose it would be nice living some place where the weather is always grand, but not sure it would be for me. I just can't explain how awesome it is to survive winter and then begin to see the signs of Spring! Even the littlest of things can bring such joy!

I can say the same about life. When the cares of world cause me to say the three most detrimental words known to mankind...'What about me?', I find myself having to refocus on the signs of 'Spring' all around me. If I make myself give simple thanks in everything it literally changes the world...our world. Even when things happen that may not seem 'good' there is still opportunity to give thanks. Tell God thanks for the simple things all the time and you will begin to see change. Your perspective on life and circumstances will look different and god will begin to appear more active in your life. Change the world...give simple thanks.


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