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Have you ever been hit square between the eyes without anyone even throwing a punch? Not literally, but kinda metaphorical like? I have. Many times I think it is actually God or someone God uses to get my attention about something I need to work on. This time, when I was listening to a friend talk about how the Bible says I am supposed to pray for those in authority over me, the punch landed right square between my eyes. POW!BAM! KAPOOEY! Bullseye. I have done a terrible job at praying for our leaders, especially the ones that annoy me. It is so much easier to criticize and complain. Thank goodness each day is a new day and can be a fresh start. I started praying the very next day, and something really awesome began to happen. As I prayed for our President and other leaders here and abroad, I began to see my cynicism change into compassion. My agreeing with them didn't really change, but my heart for them did. I began to add more people to the mix, especially the ones I struggled to get along with and my change continued. 

Have you ever been annoyed, bugged, pestered or just plain driven nuts by someone? Maybe it is your boss, your mom or dad, your spouse, your kids, your neighbor, your pastor, your President, your inlaws or the corn ball writing this email. Whomever it may be...I encourage you to start praying for them. If done consistently and with sincerity, I guarantee that your view of them will change. Don't pray that God fix them, pray that God blesses them, guides them in paths of obedience and leads them not into temptation and disobedience. Jesus said we are to pray for those who persecute us and pray for our enemies. I think he was talking about those that annoy us as well. I haven't done a very good job doing this. God's love is a very powerful thing. I need to get on my knees more and tap into the power supply! I hope the annoyances in your life dim as the love of God grows in you through prayer!



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