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Binwacker, Inc.

527 East State Road 8

Kouts, IN  46347

"Drop the Mallet, Save the Bin, Your Feed will Flow Once Again!"

The Cure for the Dreaded"Rubber Mallet Syndrome!"

In 1994 we built a hog barn with the latest feeding technology available at that time, so you understand my frustration when I would come home from the field and the feed bins were full, the augers were running, the feeders were empty and the piggies were hungry!  As you can imagine it usually happened when we had to go somewhere 10 minutes ago!  I had a path wore out between the two bins going back and forth with a rubber mallet in hand trying to dislodge the feed done into the hopper.  If you crawled up to the top of the bin and opened the lid you would see a 3-4" hole (rat hole) from the top to the bottom.  The plastic boot at the bottom would be empty with a bridge of feed holding up the flow!  Banging and denting the side of the bin really did very little other than make me feel better.  It wasn't too good for the bin, though.  Over time, I found that sitting on a bucket and tapping on the back side of the plastic boot was the "sweet" spot.  This little tapping was very sufficient to keep feed moving.  Sitting on a bucket gives one lots of time to think and talk to God.  I quite often shared with him my frustration over how this is crazy having to sit here and do this!  Then one day God hit me.  Not literally, but he pointed out that 'hey there is a anchor bearing spinning right there...why don't you use it and make a automatic rubber mallet?'  God is a genius!  By 1996, we had a very rough, yet workable prototype.  It worked!  We started having a few people interested in trying them.  By, 1997, with the help of some great friends that are engineers we had a design and model that was patented and the Binwacker was born!  We were one of the best of show at the 1997 World Pork Expo and have been keeping feed flowing ever since.  The Binwacker was designed and is built by a hog farmer to work and last like a hog farmer would want it to.  Yes there are a few parts that will wear out over time, but they are very affordable.  The Binwacker does work and it has eliminated problems that I have had as well as thousands of others across North America.  Please check out the models we have available...BIN 30, BIN 90 and the BIN-E.  Give us a call if you have any questions about the Binwacker before you order.  219-309-5090.