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Freezer Pork, Beef, Lamb & Goat

If you are needing quality pork, grain fed beef, lamb or goat to fill your freezer Birkys can help. Give us a call and we will be glad to help you stock your freezer with our great tasting and high quality meats!

We have pigs available for butchering throughout the year. You can choose a whole hog, or 1/2 hog amount.  To give you an idea of space needed...a whole hog would be comparable to 6 paper grocery bags of product.  A 1/2 would be 3 bags.  A lot depends on how you have your meat cut.  We have grain fed cattle available in the Spring and the Fall.  Beef is available in whole, 1/2 or even 1/4 amounts.  Space requirements for beef would be...a whole would be comparable to 24 grocery bags of product.  A 1/2 would be approximately 12 bags and a 1/4 be 6 bags.  

The pigs will be raised by Birky Family Farms and have not been fed any antibiotics, steroids, hormones, animal by-products or paylean. You can rest assure that your pig will have been raised in a clean, healthy environment protected from the elements with unlimited fresh water, direct sunlight and fresh air. Our pigs are raised in natural buildings and housed with no crowding. We use our own unique blend of purebred Durocs, Yorkshires, and Landrace breeding stock to maintain good balance of hybrid vigor for excellent meat quality.

The cattle will be raised by our family and friends and have not be feed antibiotics, steroids or hormones.  

The lambs and meat goats are raised by our family.  They can be purchased in 1/2 or a whole.

We are very conscientious of the care and health of the animals we use in our custom butchering.  All elements of our animals' lives are important to providing our family and yours a high quality, healthy, safe pork product that tastes great.  It has's what we feed our family!

Family Butcher Shops we use:

Butcher Block – Lowell, IN 219-696-9111

Hanford Packing - Thayer, IN  219-345-3755

How to order...

Choose the type of freezer pork, beef, lamb or goat that you would like below and put down your deposit.

If you have any questions please text Chris Birky at 219-309-5090 or email him at first.  He will be glad to discuss with you what freezer meat you are interested in and when you would like it.

Once you place your order and pay your deposit. Chris will contact you to place your order on the schedule.  You will be added list and Chris will again contact you when your animal has been delivered to our butcher so that you can call our butcher and speak with their great staff.  They will help you decide how you would like your meat cut and packaged.

You will be sent an invoice from Birky Grain & Livestock for the cost of the animal which must be paid in full before you pick up your meat.  Here is the current pricing for the animals:

Pigs - $.75 /lb live weight (typical pig butcher weight is 250-275 lbs.

Grain fed beef - $2.00/lb live weight (typical whole steer weight 1100-1300 lbs)

Lamb - $2.50/lb live weight (typical lamb weight 100-150 lbs)

Goat - $2/50/lb live weight (typical goat weight 75-125 lbs)

You then will be called from the butcherer that your meat is ready.  You will pay them for their services.  All cost depend on how meat is cut, seasoned, smoked, etc... Their estimated costs would be as follows:

Whole pig - $200-$250

Whole steer - $275-$300

You will then need to pick up the meat there.  Unless other arrangements made with Birkys.  Your meat will not be released if you have not already paid Birkys for the animal.

We can take animals to other butcherers, but would need you to schedule those dates yourself.

Thanks for choosing Birky Family Farms to fill your freezer! Please feel free to contact via email or phone if you have any questions.  If not, place your order and pay your deposit below and we will contact you.


store: 219-766-3851