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Be A Good Steward

Planting is finally completed, at least for the first time. I truly love the opportunity to farm. I take very seriously being a good steward of that which God has entrusted me. It is great to see the "Green" efforts many people are taking to better the land we manage. My brother and I have chosen no-till farming as one practice to greatly help reduce our carbon footprint. It dramatically reduces fuel usage, wear and tear on us and our equipment. It virtually eliminates top soil erosion and minimally disturbs the soil's own microbial activity. This is just one way that we are trying to wear a smaller environmental show.

As I evaluated my carbon footprint, my mind went in another direction and had to ask myself, what other kind of footprints am I leaving as I live out my life on Earth? I had to ask myself if they were positive or negative.I thought about who I am and how I treat other people. I thought about every time I meet, talk, do business with someone, what kind of foot print do I leave with them. What about my kids? What kind of footprints am I leaving them to follow?

We all have been given opportunity to live today. Are we making the most of it? Are we experiencing love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self-control in the footprints we make each day? I am positive that we are not as much as we should. I also know that I can't do any of it without Jesus living in me.

It is definitely good to know that every moment of everyday I can have a fresh start. Forgiveness is a wonderful thing. As we work on our footwork let's try not to step on anyone, but leave a faith print that brings joy and hope to those around us.



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