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Would you just get behind me...Please!

April 2013

Greetings From Chris 

Would you just get behind me...Please!

Many times Jesus would use sheep as an example in his stories. I am sure it was because they were everywhere he went. God uses farm cats for me. I have told you before that they are always hungry and they come from the ends of the earth to our farm, but what I haven't told you is the way my farm cats frustrate me sometimes.

Every time I am in a hurry to get out to the barn the cats think I am going to feed them and they walk with their little tails in the air all excited thinking that I am going to feed them and they GET IN MY WAY! I can hardly walk sometimes. It is so frustrating. I do find myself saying often, "would you just get behind me...PLEASE!

Of course every time this happens I find God teaching me more about him and about life. Remember when Jesus told the disciples that he was going to have to die and Peter said no way? Remember what he said? 'Would you get behind me...Please. You don't have in mind the things of heaven, but only the things of earth.' Wow. Ouch! Those words hit me right between the eyes. How many times do I get a glimpse of a vision from God and think I know where he is leading and what he is going to do and just run right in front of him, getting in his way? In Proverbs is a verse that I turn to often. It says that in a person's heart they plan their course, but it is God who directs their steps. Jesus said that if I am to come after him I have to deny myself, pick up my cross and then follow him. How hard, how true.

I hope that you and your family have a great Easter Sunday and that you continue to follow faithfully through 2013.


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