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October 3, 2014

Greetings From Chris 

  " Spotted " 


Well, some how I did not accomplish a September newsletter, but at least we have an October one! We started harvest this week. It has been a very interesting season. We had lots of water early, then dry in the middle and lots of water late. As I combine through the fields and observe the yield monitor it is amazing to see the variations. There are some really good spots and some not so good spots.

Melissa started on canning peaches and making applesauce this week. It is hard work and messy. We usually get seconds when we buy our peaches. They taste so good, but they do have a few spots that need to be cut out. Our family also loves to eat Honey Crisp apples. We buy these as seconds too, a lot more affordable, but do have to eat around a few spots.

Have you looked in the mirror lately? Have you ever thought about yourself? I don't know about you, but I have a few spots too! Maybe not literally that someone can see, but inside, who I am, I have a long list of imperfections. These sometimes make me feel like a "second", but the fact of the matter is I am not. We are not! In Jesus, we are children of a King. We are adopted children of God. We are brothers and sister to Christ Jesus. We are co-heirs to God's kingdom! God has purchased us with the life of His Son. We were seconds, with flaws, spots, imperfections, and are now being made into something that He and everyone around us would enjoy!

 God says His power is made perfect through our weaknesses! Paul says in the Bible that because of this he will boast all the more of his weaknesses so that God's power will be made perfect in him!

 I am so thankful that God loves me despite my many spots! I hope and pray that we all let Him make us into the likeness of His Son Jesus, spots and all.



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