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April 15, 2015
I enjoy restoration.  I am not a car or tractor or furniture restorer.  Maybe the better term would be I am a re-establisher or re-purposer.  I know that those are probably not a real words, but I think they fit my weirdness.  I really enjoy seeing something as it is, but being able to vision it as something so much better.  It is so fun being able to envision potential in something that really had no use.   What is really fun is thinking about what something could be and how it would work or be used and what it will take to get it to that point.
     There is an old corn crib/grainery on our farm.  It is a building that we rarely used.  It was in need of lot of TLC, but we weren't willing to invest in it if we didn't have any use for it.  As you can see from the photos, there is a transformation taking place.  Our children are starting to begin 4-H and we had no place to put the pigs, lambs, goats, rabbits and chickens.  A PURPOSE!  Thus began the repurposing of our 4-H barn!  We started in November of 2013 and will probably finish before our last child finishes 4-H in 15 years :).  It is a long process of tweaks and changes and making things into that which we envisioned it to be.
    In God's eyes...we are just like that old corn crib.  We may feel we are of no use and have no purpose, but to him he sees potential.  He sees purpose and use.  He gets excited about the things that His Son and HIs Spirit can do in our lives to mold us and shape us into that which He envisioned/created us to be.  Just like any other renovation it will take time and lots of hard work.  I am sure in my situation God continues to get so frustrated how out of square I am, but He keeps working.  Just like any other renovation it will take sacrifice and costs to make it happen.  Thanks be to God for He has invested everything into making us who in envisioned us to be in Jesus Christ His Son.
Chris Birky

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