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All in the same Field

November 6, 2015
     It has been a fantastic fall for harvest.  The weather was outstanding.  The crops were dry and we all stayed safe.  It was a well welcomed close to a very unique year.
     This was a year of lots of peculiarity.  One farm that I farm experienced everything possible.  It has a section of low ground that usually always produces consistently, but this year drowned out.  It has very high, sandy soil on the rest of the farm and it looked spectacular at the end of June with all the water we had, but dried up during the hot, dry weeks of July.  It was interesting to see such a variation in just one field.  I imagine the color coded yield map will be quite colorful...unfortunately.  I kid you not, as I was harvesting the yield monitor would jump from 0 to 200 bushel then back down to 15 and then to 150 bushel down to 50 and up to 100!  It was crazy and it seemed hard to believe there could be that much difference.  It was also strange and incredible to see some spots that were clean as a whistle and others where late weeds came on strong because of the lack of plant canopy.
     Over the years as I have walked with people and situations in their lives, it reminds me of this field.  We all find ourselves in the same community or school or job or subdivision or apartment or organization with lots of other people.  The amazing thing is that even though we are in the same 'field' with so many other people that our lives, outcomes, experiences, stresses, pressures, successes, failures are all so completely different.
     It is very reassuring to me to remember that Jesus said that we are his body.  He is the head that ties us all together.  We are all different members with different functions and different roles, but all apart of the same body.  Take the time this holiday season to give thanks and show thanks to all the other people in our 'field'.  Share God's love.  Bless & Refresh.
Chris Birky

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