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Wise People Still Seek Him....

December 2012

Greetings From Chris 

Wise People Still Seek Him...

I had a great opportunity to speak with a congregation in our community this past week. The pastor of the congregation where we attend directed my thoughts to this message. He is very interested in astrophotography. He has an extensive knowledge of starts, universes, galaxies and a bunch of stuff I know very little about. He talked about the star the wide men followed.  

As I reflected on the story of the wise men this week, several very interesting, life applicable principles came to mind. First and foremost, they knew God's word. They were watching and listening for God's signs or glimpses. They stepped out in faith and began an arduous journey not knowing what lied ahead. They gave abundantly to Jesus. They worshipped something or someone that was yet to come. Their pursuit of Jesus got the attention of the people around them, the community and the leaders. They remained obedient to God and did not fall prey to follow the intent of King Herod. After the Magi left, Herod had all the boys two and under killed. Their pursuit of the "prince of peace" caused an evil uprising.

In 2013 will I follow these same principles of being a wise man? 
  • Will I know God's Word?
  • Will I be watching and listening for his glimpses?
  • Will I be willing to step out in faith on unknown journeys?
  • Will I give abundantly of myself to Jesus?
  • Will my pursuit of Jesus get the attention of the people around me?
  • Will I obey God over man?
  • Will I keep seeking that Prince of Peace even though, at times, it seems evil is prevailing around me?

I do hope that you and your family will have a blessed 2013. We look so forward to serving you. Thanks so much for your support!



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